What our people say

  • Pieter de Zwart

    Software developer

    I like working for Citrus Andriessen! The pleasant and informal atmosphere appeals to me. We work on socially important projects that are technically challenging and that require effective cooperation within the team.

    There are plenty of opportunities for gaining experience and personal development! Taking training courses to obtain professional qualifications and taking an interest in other projects are also always encouraged. At the moment, my personal development plan includes, for example, studying to become an Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer for my personal development.

  • Drik van Herk

    Software Architect

    In my role as Software Architect, I consult with colleagues on a daily basis about the status of our projects. We discuss the technical details and any modifications we may have to make to the architecture of our software solutions. I am also involved in researching new techniques that we can incorporate in our architecture.

  • Adnan Maakoul

    Product Manager

    I research potential IT solutions for our exam platform, and I develop and maintain the company’s roadmap.

    Working at Citrus Andriessen is great. The company has an open – what you see is what you get – atmosphere and culture. You are given all the room you need for personal development, to discover what you like doing and to progress to other jobs. I have, for example, fulfilled various roles on the business side of our operations. I was initially a Functional Designer, then I became a Business Analyst, Project Manager and Team Leader before accepting my current position of Product Manager. If you show what you can do, there are ample opportunities for career advancement.

  • Lindsey Burgers

    Assistent Controller

    As Assistant Controller at Citrus Andriessen, I deal with figures on a daily basis and I provide clear analyses and important insights that the company can use to steer.

    I chose Citrus Andriessen in 2016, because I was looking for a smaller company where I could take care of the entire financial administration. In addition, the informal atmosphere of the company appealed to me immediately! Last but not least: Citrus Andriessen is located in an amazingly beautiful building. Something that I am personally proud of and that also contributes to my job satisfaction.

    I enjoy working at Citrus Andriessen every day. I get many opportunities and have plenty of possibilities to grow within the company. Citrus Andriessen stands for self-development and stimulates this as well. This suits me well. Moreover, I can fully identify with the core value ‘guts’. I think that here you are really encouraged to speak out about your progress. I don’t know if I would have done that in a different setting.

    I get many opportunities and have enough possibilities to grow within the company.

  • Wietze Relou

    Sales- and accountmanager

    My daily work consists of establishing contacts with national and international customers and convincing them of our great solutions. I do this together with my colleagues from the sales team. We give demos of the software and presentations about Citrus Andriessen. Sales processes often take longer in our industry so you have to be persistent and have some tenacity in order to win a deal.

    I chose Citrus Andriessen because I like the combination of learning and the recognition and appreciation of acquired knowledge! In addition, Citrus Andriessen is the leader when it comes to cutting edge technology in our industry!

    I experience Citrus Andriessen as a fine organisation where people work hard in a pleasant atmosphere. A dynamic company with an international character, but at the same time with an eye for loyal customers who have been with us for years. For me, there are sufficient opportunities to develop myself. Citrus Andriessen is very flexible as an employer, whether it comes to working from home or arranging your own work.

    A dynamic company with an international character, but at the same time with an eye for loyal customers who have been with us for years.

  • Martijn van Herk

    Application Consultant

    In my role as Application Consultant, I help and advise customers on the use of our platform Optimum Assessment.

    In a small company like Citrus Andriessen, your task is quite broad and therefore challenging as far as I am concerned. I find it a real challenge to use new and modern possibilities in the market we operate in, which is experienced as somewhat “old”, to help towards a more efficient examination process.

    I recognise myself mainly in the core values ‘creativity’ and ‘attention’. Offering creative solutions within existing functionalities by paying attention to the “issues” of the customer. That gives me a lot of energy!

    Many different “types” of people work at Citrus Andriessen. This creates a beautiful colour palette. And with a beautiful colour palette you can make the most beautiful paintings for the customers. Together we offer innovative solutions to the customer so that they are really helped.

    There are also many opportunities in Citrus Andriessen and you get the chance to seize them. You are at the wheel yourself. This degree of independence suits me well!  Moreover, I can continue to develop myself and if I do run into something, there is always a colleague who can help.

    Together we offer innovative solutions to the customer so that he is really helped.

  • Gil Alves

    Software Developer

    As a software developer at Citrus Andriessen I work with different ‘languages’ and frameworks like Java, C#, .NET, Vue.js and React. My work consists of developing new modules and functionalities for Optimum Assessment Platform, both frontend and backend. In addition, the maintenance of the existing solution, to meet the needs of the customer, is also part of my duties.

    For me, Citrus Andriessen is truly distinctive in the field of digital testing, with a strong focus on personal development and growth. Moreover, we work with powerful technologies. That fits in well with me and my ambitions. The colleagues, the pleasant atmosphere and the ambition within the company make it extra fun and challenging for me.

    I mainly identify with the core value ‘transparency’. I try to be as clear as possible about my work, the decisions I make and the steps I take to solve a particular problem or achieve a particular goal. In fact, all colleagues try to keep each other informed of the latest developments, even if they belong to different teams.

    Citrus Andriessen is just a great place to work. From my first day, I felt at home and supported by my colleagues. I also get the freedom to give my opinion, to discuss different approaches or ideas and I am ultimately responsible for my own work. Finally, I like the fact that we work as a team, without fixed hierarchical structures, supporting each other and being flexible when necessary. All these factors together motivate me to do better every day.

    Citrus Andriessen is just a great place to work. From my first day I felt at home and I experience support from colleagues.

  • Vienna Kleuskens

    Sales Executive

    As a Sales Executive, I am part of the sales team. Within this team, I fulfil the role of Scrum Master and I support the team in achieving the backlog targets. As a bid manager, I am also involved in the timely submission of a high-quality bid during tendering processes.

    I wanted a commercial role with a software company where I could make a contribution both to customers and to the internal organisation. I found that at Citrus Andriessen.  The versatility of my role allows me to develop myself broadly. We also work in self-managing teams and you get a lot of responsibility. That has an enormous motivating effect on me!

    Besides the opportunities my job offers me, the informal atmosphere at Citrus Andriessen appeals to me enormously. I experience Citrus Andriessen as an enterprising club that encourages initiative. As an employee you are stimulated to get the best out of yourself. For me, the core values of ‘transparency’ and ‘attention’ are the most important to convey to my customers and internally.

    The atmosphere within the organisation and the cooperation between the various departments is also a spearhead within Citrus Andriessen. Something fun is regularly organised for the employees. Investments are also made in courses to improve mutual communication. This indicates to me that the culture within the organisation is also seen as very important by the management.

    As an employee, you are encouraged to get the best out of yourself.

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